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Salesforce Discovery

We start a project with the discovery of our client's business objectives. We then translate business objectives into a solution which can give an ROI to the stake holders.

In the next step, our business analysts work with your designated SMEs to not only document current processes, but also their short-comings.

Then we provide a detailed solution with a delivery plan approved by the stake-holders. Our solutions are always organic and are designed for change because businesses change.

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Salesforce Implementation

Our approach to Salesforce implementation, including our AppExchange products, is driven by business needs and not by technology.

Our implementation specialists work collaboratively with your SMEs and Project Managers to build the solution, test it and implement it in a fast and efficient manner.

We strongly believe that the key to organic CRM implementation is a robust design based on Agile architecture that ensures that the solution can handle changes in the business.

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Salesforce Lightning Migration

Launched as the future of CRM, Salesforce Lightning is the new customer experience framework. Migration to Salesforce Lightning is inevitable and therefore it's time to get started now.

Our approach for migration to Salesforce Lightning is to first introduce Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) to existing Visualforce pages. This will require conversion of UI from server-side Apex code to client-side JavaScript.

We also recommend that clients take advantage of the timing of this migration to review their current processes and design.

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Salesforce Integration

CRM applications are at the forefront of a business, be it Sales, Marketing or Service and that automatically means integration with legacy applications like ERP, Billing and Accounting, or Order Processing.

Even though web services are increasingly used for integration, we recommend using application integration tools such as Web Methods, TIBCO and Cast Iron or data integration tools like Talend, IBM DataStage, Boomi and Informatica.

Our approach to custom integration is driven by our strong emphasis on encapsulating business rules in business objects, which in turn ensures maintainability of the code.

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Salesforce Training

Training and Change Management are essential for successful CRM adoption. We start the process by planning for training right from the time development starts.

Our training materials are customized by business processes and are tailored for each business function and role.

We also ensure that proper training materials are prepared ahead of time so that trainers are trained to help the end users when the project goes live.

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ServiceNow Integration

Integrate multiple communication channels like voice and chat into the ServiceNow platform using the OpenFrame API. Automate workflows, facilitate customer interactions, and enhance the productivity of employees.

Case routing can be enabled as an activity in a workflow and incoming calls from customers can be routed to a specific agent by using matching rules.

Leverage cloud based communications to integrate multichannel and Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) to complement existing workflows and on-premise legacy systems such as Cisco and Avaya.

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