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scriptBuilder enables creation of dynamic user-interfaces with criterion based page flow that can execute predefined actions.

scriptBuilder tool uses criterion and action engine of workflowBuilder solution from Koncero.

scriptBuilder consists of a setup page to define fields or questions on a dynamic Lightning page. Questions then can be grouped into a page with the page navigation driven by rules. Rules are created using objects and fields.

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workflowBuilder is an advanced workflow application that allows creation of rules based on simple and advanced criterion and actions.

workflowBuilder allows creation of rules and criterion using fields of a standard or custom object and all its related objects. The actions include field update, apex class, apex callouts, chatter post and emails.

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leadScorer application enables scoring of leads based on qualitative and quantitative rules. leadScorer rules require one-time setup of defining criterion and associated scores.

leadScorer then evaluates scores for all the lead records whenever there are changes in the criteria fields. Leads can then be ranked based on their scores.

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Embed real time communications like voice, chat, text and video on Salesforce and ServiceNow platforms

Use WebRTC to drive enhanced customer experience and workforce efficiency using Open CTI on Salesforce Lightning and OpenFrame on ServiceNow.

You can even preserve your investment in legacy equipment and still leverage WebRTC using communicationBuilder.

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dataMapper enables mapping of fields between standard and custom objects and their relationships.

The map is then executed based on criteria rules defined for the source object.

Typical use of dataMapper can be for mapping task fields to its parent object when the task is closed or updating Account and Contact objects when an Opportunity is closed.

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